Monday, February 22, 2010

The Seafoam Pearl

I have a shop that I created on about a year ago and for about a while I haven't had the time to devote my time to it. Well now I have recently decided it was time to start doing the things I Love to do even if it means small amounts at a time. The reason I named my shop The Seafoam Pearl was that I remembered Carrie ( Sex In the City) had worn this beautiful dress when she bumped into Big in Paris. The color of the dress was called seafoam and it just seemed so timeless. I have a dozen other names I would like but this seemed to fit well so thats how the shop got its name. I have collected different pieces over the years and have finally decided to sell them in my shop. And yes I even own something that is a seafoam color. It is sad for me to let go of something so beautiful to me but I know its new owner will love it just as I did. From time to time I will be selling from my own collection and sometimes I will be giving them my own personal touch. These pieces are usually vintage and are very rare to find which to me makes them almost one of a kind. I will be posting different pictures on my blog and will let you know when I will be selling them on Esty. Here are just a few pictures I took today of the dress I will be getting ready for my shop. And of course a few other that remind me the color of Carrie's beautiful ballerina dress. Enjoy.